Behind Every Good Writer is a Great Editor
Regular Rates

  • $25/page (straight copy editing/complete grammatical check/correction)

  • $35/page (full corporate copy editing with rewriting/writing)

  • $35-50/hour (jobs that require writing, rewriting, fact checking/research, etc.)

  • $15-20/hour or $10-20/page (student jobs, dissertations, final papers, standard transcription)

  • $10/page (proofreading only, simple punctuation, spelling)

  • $20/hour (standard transcription services, WPM: 90+)

(Transcription services combined with proofreading/copy editing also available.)

Cost-per-Word Pricing

Light Editing: minor changes in punctuation, spelling and grammar/general proofreading:  $.03/word

Moderate Editing: many spelling and grammatical corrections, some rewriting:  $.05/word

Heavy Editing: extensive editing and rewriting:  $.06/word

(Above cost-per-word pricing based on a lowered rate of $15-20/hour.)

Hourly rate applies for editing/writing jobs that are not straightforward and/or those that require extra work.   In some cases, clients prefer to pay by the hour.

Other jobs, such as résumés, Web pages and large corporate assignments, are often priced as a flat rate determined with the client before commencement of the work.  This is common with large, long-term assignments where the number of pages and hours cannot be determined.

Although rate sheet applies for almost all jobs, there are some situations where a price is agreed upon with the client that is different from the above.  In those cases, it depends on the client, the type of work involved and the time necessary to complete the job.

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